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We create value, through sustainable management of natural resource and ecosystem service.


Top view of fisherman boat parking at one of the Kuala Terengganu rivers.

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About us

Ecological Economic Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (2E Solutions) is an environmental research and consultancy company that offers ecologically and economically sound natural resource management solutions for companies, governments, and NGOs.

We support our clients implement sustainable natural resource management practices, and/or develop ecosystem service solutions that are grounded on ecological economic principles.

We address sustainability in terms of:

  • land use & conservation;
  • supply chain from sourcing of raw materials to disposal of derived products; and
  • investment in commodities and ecosystem services.

We cater for Southeast Asia and its neighboring region, including clients who want to venture into the region and/or those who use the natural resources that originates from this part of the world.

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Ecological Economic Solutions Sdn. Bhd.


Suite 09, Block 1B, Level 15, Plaza Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Fax: +60-3-9236-1122

7th June 2012

Shiro Chikamatsu
Karunakaran Karthigeyan
Dr. Mohamed Yunus Bin Mohamed Yasin

MYR 350,000.00

Research & Consultancy Services

Nature Conservation, Forestry, Agriculture, Fisheries, Waste & Recycling, Mining, Energy, Manufacturing, Civil Engineering, Construction, Logistics, Trading, ICT, Finance.

Research & Consultancy, Project Management, Remote Sensing & GIS, Fieldwork, Training, Seminar & Publication

About Ecological Economics

Environmental and Economic advocates have long been in conflict with one another without much appreciation of other’s approach to solve the common ‘real life problems’. Ecological Economics (and Environmental Economics) are relatively new field of studies which addresses this issue and attempts to bring Environment and Economic disciplines closer to each other. There has been steady progress in Ecological Economics as a subject of academic enquiry, but less progress has been made in terms of application for day to day business management and policy decision making. One of the reasons has been its inability to deliver the quantitative/qualitative analysis in a practical and timely manner that is necessary for these kind of activities.

But now with an advent of technological innovation, such as in affordable remote sensing and sophisticated information management tools, it is possible for businesses and policy makers to incorporate “sustainability” into their management and decision making in a practical and timely manner. We believe that by combining Ecological Economic thinking with state of the art technologies, it is possible for business organisations and policy makers to take a significant stride towards building a sustainable future.

We hope to share with you our knowledge and expertise for a better future!

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